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FAQ Guidelines


  1. All Active members can be as worker,
  2. Worker can find a job by category,
  3. Worker Complete a job and Submit proof to Employer
  4. Employer Check the proof and mark Satisfied or Not Satisfied.
  5. Worker's success rate increase / decreased, depends on rated by employer for the task.
  6. Worker can communicate through site inbox with employer only when they marked as Not-satisfied
  7. Worker must be login on site once in 30 days or their balance will be expired,


  1. When Worker marked as Satisfied, get paid instantly
  2. Admin fees will be deduct and amount will be added to worker's withdraw-able balance
  3. When Worker marked as Satisfied his/her Success rate increased.


  1. When Worker marked as Not-Satisfied, They don't get paid for the task
  2. When Worker marked as Not-Satisfied his/her Success rate decreased.
  3. They get a detailed Reason in Site Inbox from Employer to do correction if any.
  4. They get the chance until the campaign finished to do correction and reply to employer.
  5. They submit the proof again to employer by replying site inbox message and request to mark satisfied.
  6. If they marked Satisfied by employer they get paid instantly.
  7. If still they marked not-Satisfied and think it's mis-rated, they can contact to admin or support.

Success rate of Member:

  1. Success rate calculation is depends on Satisfied and not satisfied jobs
  2. Calculation it's based on how many times satisfied and how many times not-satisfied marked to a worker by all employers.
  3. If 1 job satisfied and 1 job not satisfied = 100% 
  4. If 45 jobs satisfied and 55 jobs not satisfied = 45 percent% 
  5. if worker have so many not satisfied jobs and if success-rate is lower ,worker will not be able to do next jobs or withdraw money.
  6. Admin have all rights option to reset any workers rate if they think they have been marked not satisfied wrongly


  1. When a member is a worker they can be an Employer by posting a job.
  2. USA jobs will be visible to USA members only.
  3. International Jobs will be visible to all members
  4. Employer can not complete their own posted job

Job posting

  1. Employer Job Posting
  2. Employer Start a Campaign
  3. Submit details of job
  4. They complete the payment
  5. Campaign will be submitted to admin for approval
  6. Campaign will be available for all Workers
Allowed /not allowed for job posting
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  2. -----------------------
  3. -----------------------
  4. -----------------------
  5. -----------------------
  6. -----------------------
  7. -----------------------
  8. -----------------------
Canceled or finished by Employer
  1. If employer canceled the job amount deposits instantly in Employer balance.
  2. They can start another campaign on same time

Checking proof

  1. Employer can check the submitted pending proof with worker's location and details in Employer section

Not Satisfied

  1. If Employer Not Satisfied they can Marked Not-Satisfied and Worker will not be paid
  2. When Employer marked Not-Satisfied They submit a small detail to worker.
  3. If employer satisfied with worker's reply, they can mark satisfied and worker get paid instantly,
  4. if campaign finished with not satisfied task, it will be reactive.
  5. Employer can see worker success rate and details of worker.


  1. When employer mark satisfied, worker get paid instantly

Referral Bonus (--) Guideline.

  1. Members need to have an active account and click on create a referral link by accepting terms and conditions
  2. Members will get their referral link and can start inviting friends,
  3. As the Friend / referral Signup and complete at least 1 successful job (marked satisfied) member's Signup Bonus ( --) will be given,
  4. Member can see their referral in my account section.
  5. As their Friend /referral Balance reaches to (--).
  6. Member gets another (second) bonus instantly ( --) every time when referral balance reaches (-- )
  7. If referral withdraw his money before (--) no second bonus will be given

Referral banner

  1. Member can use referral banner code to show banner on other websites.
  2. Any signup by clicking the banner will be under member referral.

Voucher Redeem / generate

Generate a Voucher
  1. Member can generate a voucher if they have sufficient balance in their withdraw able balance only.
  2. Voucher can not be generating with Non-withdraw able balance, including Redeemed voucher amount.
  3. Generated voucher amount will be Non Withdraw able amount and can be use for later and site only.
  4. Generated voucher code will be one time use only. Valid for 1 year from the date of generated.
  5. Voucher code will be emailed to member.
  6. Member can generate a Voucher and Send this code to their friends or to share balance.


Redeem a Voucher

  1. Member can redeem a voucher,
  2. Non withdraw able redeem voucher will be added to non withdraw able balance
  3. Withdraw able redeem voucher (issued from admin) will be added to user's withdraw able balance
  4. Voucher code generated by member can not be use more than once.
  5. All member's generated voucher are one time use only and amount is Non withdraw able and for site use only.


  1. Deposit options are available on deposit menu,
  2. Instant Payment via PayPal will add the balance on same time
  3. Other deposit method are available can take some hours to appear in balance.
  4. Small admin fees apply on all deposits.


  1. Member must be reach to withdraw limit which they can see on their account.
  2. Members can choose any available withdraw method on withdraw menu
  3. Admin fees apply on all withdraw

Waive deposit and withdraw fees (forever)

  1. If you have invited some friends or have some referrals (see details on your account)
  2. No deposit and withdraw fees will be charge forever. No fees apply after that.
for any other assistance please contact and read our terms and conditions
For more info please read our Terms and Conditions